Why Choose 100% Human Hair Wigs & US ?

Advantages of 100% Human Hair Wigs and Why Expensive

The advantages of 100% human hair wigs over chemical fiber hair are

  • Safety: healthier & safer
  • Texture: softer and smoother.
  • Appearance: more realistic and shiny.
  • Durability: More durable and can withstand styling and long term use.
  • Heat Resistance: Better heat resistance and can be styled to a certain extent with heated tools.
  • Breathability: More breathable, allowing the scalp to breathe.
  • Styling: Easier to shape various hairstyles.
Therefore, 100% human hair wigs is expensive for the money.While everyone loves a deal, purchasing a human hair wig proves sometimes paying less does not equal more in the scope of value.
The cost of 100% human hair wigs stems from:
  • Using high quality biological human hair.
    • Unlike synthetic hair, human hair cannot be fabricated on demand. It a natural material that takes time to grow, so it is in much lower supply than standard synthetic hair. Additionally, it takes 2-3 heads of hair to create a single human hair wig. This, of course, makes human hair more expensive.
  •  The work it takes to construct each wig.
    • When dealing with high quality human hair, wig makers often contruct wigs with full lace or hand-tied caps. This is an intensive process that involves hand tying each individual hair to a mesh wig cap, providing the most realistic look possible. Making a single hand-tied human hair wig can take as long 3 days to complete. That doesn't even include the time and energy it takes to sort, process, and prepare the hair, which can take weeks. Because the construction of human hair wigs is so time consuming and laborious, this drives up the price of the wig.

Seeing that, I think you just need a wig that looks fabulous and natural, but can be used for as long as possible, go ahead and place your order!

Why Choose US?

Sleepts Hairs have our own wig factory, which has been doing wigs for 15 years.Specializing in 100% real human hair wig headgear, selling well in many countries around the world.Our advantages:

1.Manufacturer's first hand source, complete category, more hair curvature, density, length, color, lace area to choose from.

2.Factory direct, reduce the middleman to earn the difference, the price is more affordable.

3.Only 100% real hair is used, which is safer, more durable, more breathable, softer and shinier.

4.Advanced production and processing equipment and handmade, perfect supply chain system, better service to customers.

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