About Products

Is Sleepts's wig made from human hair? How can l tell if a wig is made from human hair?

Our wigs are made from 100% human hair. Consider the following method to distinguish if a wig is made from human hair:

Take a small strand of hair from the wig and burn it with a lighter. Human hair smells like burnt protein. When you rub burnt hair with your fingers, it will turn into ashes.

Take a single hair strand and run your fingers from the root to the tip, it feels smooth and silky. Then, when you reverse the direction and run your fingers from the tip to the root, you'll notice that it feels dry and less smooth.

I have a wig that I really like. Can you customize it for me?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but our current service offerings do not include customization options such as custom designs or dyeing based on provided images.
Do you have any wig in jet black color?
Sorry, currently, we don't have wigs in jet black color. Our wigs are natural black, and they might appear slightly brownish under bright lights or sunlight.
Does the wig look the same as the pictures on the website? Do I need to style it myself to achieve the look from the photos?
The pictures on our website are actual photos of the products. However, it's important to note that the wig's style might be slightly affected during shipping over long distances. You can easily fix this by giving it a simple touch-up upon receiving the product.
What is the circumference of your wigs? Can I request a customized cap size?
Our products are designed with a standard medium size, measuring 22.5 inches in circumference.

About Usage

Is it necessary to use glue to secure my wig?
Most of our closure lace wigs (4×4 or 5×5) can be comfortably worn without glue as long as the cap size fits. Securing the wig can be accomplished using combs, elastic bands, and adjustable straps located inside the wig cap.
How should I care for my wig?

For wigs with looser curls such as body wave or loose wave, we suggest washing them at least twice a week. Wigs with tighter curls should be washed once a week or more frequently if needed. Proper care is essential to extend the life of your wig. Follow these daily hair care tips:

Saturate the wig with warm water.

Apply a generous amount of hair conditioner to the hair, and gently detangle it with your fingers or wide toothbrush. To minimize its frizz or dryness, you can let the conditioner sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. After that, use sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair. (Please wash the hair in downward motion to prevent tangling)

Hold the wig cap and gently squeeze out excess water without wringing or twisting the hair to avoid tangling. Dry the hair with microfiber towel to minimize frizziness.

Let the wig air dry in a well-ventilated place. If you prefer using a hairdryer, please make sure to set it to a low temperature when you blowdry it. Apply leave-in conditioner or hair care oil if needed.

How to maintain the pattern of a curly wig?
For wigs with body wave or loose wave texture, it is recommended to gently squeeze out excess water with a towel after washing the wig. Please use a roller to wrap the hair in its original curly pattern and let it air dry. You can restyle the wig using a curling iron based on your preference. For wigs with smaller curls like deep wave or jerry curl, you may use curl-defining products such as mousse or hair spray to maintain its curls.
Can I change the hairstyle of Sleepts wigs?

Of course! Our hair is 100% human hair, and it can be restyled. You can restyle them using a hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron based on your preferences. After styling, you may use leave-in conditioner or hair serum to prevent dryness.

How do I install my wig?
Achieving your look in just three steps:Place the wig on your head.Secure it using the combs, adjusting straps, or elastic bands.If you've purchased a lace wig, you may trim the lace along the hairline and glue it down if necessary.
How should I store my wigs?
We recommend placing the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head when not in use. This prevents tangling and helps maintain the wig's shape. Additionally, please store the wig in a cool and dry place to protect its quality.

About Shipment

Do I need to pay the shipping fee?

We use Express Delivery(DHL/Fedex), it only takes 2-5 working days to receive the product, you only need to pay $9.9

How long does it take to receive my package after placing an order?

Most of our products are shipped within 24 hrs after placing an order. We use Express Delivery(DHL/Fedex), it takes 2-5 working days to receive the product.

Which shipping carrier do you use? Can I choose a specific carrier for shipping?

We currently partner with DHL and FedEx for shipping.

Do you ship to PO Box addresses?

We are sorry that we can not ship to PO. Box , APO and FPO address. Please provide us with a physical address when placing an order so we can ship your order promptly.

Do you offer overnight-shipping?

Sorry, currently we do not offer overnight-shipping. Orders might take one business day to process, and 2-5 business days for shipping (except remote countries).

About Payment

Why am I unable to place an order?

If you encounter any issue checking out your order, you can try using a different payment method. Also, please contact us(Email:service@sleepts.com) with any error messages or notifications you receive during the payment process, such as screenshots or recordings. Our representative will assist you in resolving this matter.

How do I use a discount code or gift card while placing an order?

Add items to your shopping cart.

On the right-hand side of the screen, enter your discount code or select from recommended codes. Click "APPLY" to apply the discount.

Click the 'Check Out' button to proceed with your order, and enter the gift card code on the right side.

Why haven't I received an order confirmation even though my card was already charged?

If you have not received an order confirmation email after making a payment, please double check whether your payment went through successfully and the contact email provided during checkout is correct. You can also contact us(Email:service@sleepts.com) to check if the order was placed. Please provide screenshots of the payment and transaction ID so we can assist you in this matter.

Why am I being charged customs duties?

Customs duties are charged by customs authorities based on the policies of your country. Please note that buyers are responsible for these customs duties.

About Orders

How do I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact our customercare team within one hour of placing the order, and provide them with the order number. Please be aware that once an order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

Why haven't I received an order confirmation/ a shipping notification even though my order was placed successfully?

If you have successfully placed an order, the order confirmation will be sent directly to the email address you used when placing the order. A shipping notification email will also be sent to the same email address after your order is shipped. Please kindly double-check if the email address you are checking is the same as the one registered when placing the order.Sometimes our emails may be misidentified as spam, so please check your spam folder to see if there are any relevant emails.

If you still can't find them using the above two methods, please get in touch with customer service(Email:service@sleepts.com)) for help. Our representative will assist you in this matter.

Why is a signature required upon package delivery?

The signature prevents packages from being lost or stolen as the items you purchase are of high value. If you want to release the signature, you can have a neighbor sign on your behalf or arrange a pick up.

Why did I receive an email stating that the package I haven't received has been delivered?

We are sorry for this inconvenience. There may be delays in actual logistics. You can check the specific delivery information on the official website with the tracking number, or contact our customer care team(Email:service@sleepts.com) as soon as possible.


Can I return or exchange my order if I don't like/don't want it?

Of course yes. If you have any problems with your purchase, please keep the wig in its original condition and contact customercare team within 30 days from the date of delivery for returns or exchanges. For more detailed information regarding our return and exchange policy, please kindly check this link:


My package arrived damaged, and a wig is missing/damaged upon receipt. What should I do?

If your package is damaged upon receipt, please check if any products inside the package are missing or damaged. Please retain the outer packaging with the tracking number and all products you received, and contact our customer service and the logistics provider as soon as possible. Our staff will assist you to find a proper solution.

Why does the curly hair I receive look different from what I saw on the website?

Our wigs are packaged and shipped directly after styling, so the product you receive may have slight differences from the pictures. Additionally, the small curls may become slightly frizzy during shipping over long distance. You can easily fix this by giving it a simple touch-up or hair care upon receiving the product.

Why does hair with body wave or loose wave texture not maintain its curl?

To achieve a more natural look, a small amount of setting product will be used on wigs with loose texture, like body wave or loose wave. Therefore, the curl will inevitably become loosen after several usages or washing. You can use a curling iron to restyle it, using styling mousse to maintain the style after restyling.

Is it normal for some hair to shed right after I received the wig?

Each wig will be inspected thoroughly before being shipped. However, there might be some leftover cut hair from the trimming process. You can gently comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb or fingers, and the amount falling-out hair will gradually reduce.

Why does the wig in natural black look brownish?

The hair material of our wig is very healthy and shiny as it is directly collected from donors. Its color may not appear very black and can look a bit brownish in the sunlight.